goldsmith and objectdesigner

*1962, lives and works in Köniz/Berne

1980–1983 State College for Glass and Jewellery, Kaufbeuren- Neugablonz
1983–1986 worked as goldsmith in Reutlingen and Nuremberg
1986–1988 Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, Class Fine Arts & Gold - Silversmithing
1988 leap to Switzerland
1988–1991 completed training as an actor at the drama school Totales Theatre in Lützelflüh/ Berne
1991–2002 worked as an actor, author, speaker, drama teacher and goldsmith
2002–2005 founded and managed a goldsmith- and glass beading workshop in the Youth Centre Lory, Muensingen
Since 2002 own studio – Werkstatt NEUNvonSIEBEN – in former Gurtenbrauereiareal Wabern/ Bern. Ruth Gundacker creates and works on her own projects here. She teaches with enthusiasm and patience all the necessary techniques and skills in her courses.